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Current Music:Green Day - Jesus of Surburbia
Subject:good times...
Time:09:13 pm
So a lot of crap is going on. Keep e-mailing, people. I know it must be tough to just leave a comment here. Seriously. I've got a better chance of reading this once in a while than I do checking my e-mail. Which is rare.

So yeah. Just got back from Kitchener. It was good. Had a great Easter dinner, had some Beef Wellington, had a few gallons of beer, some CR and completely forgot that my birthday is coming up. I got a Mooseheads cake. It rules. So that made the trip in itself.

In conclusion...JetsGo sucks and CanJet is very cool. All leather seats!
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Current Music:Deftones - Around the Fur
Subject:Pantera at their worst is better than Metallica at their best...
Time:04:17 pm
Even though it is easy to cover that piece of dogshit, Seek and Destroy.
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Current Music:Pantera - Primal Concrete Sledge
Subject:The Academy can kiss my ass.
Time:10:43 am
So I watched a few minutes of the Oscars last night. Well, it was more like an hour or so. I don't really get to choose what I watch and CSI wasn't on to lure the remote from her hand. Turns out I was pretty screwed.

Now I don't know much about the Oscars so you'll have to take my opinions for what they are (see: correct). Let me ponder for a moment here. I will now think about the movies which were nominated and completely turn a blind eye to them without having watched them.

1. The Aviator - Haven't seen it. Piece of shit. A two or three hour story about a millionaire in the early to mid 1900s. Wow. Talk about captivating. Throw in a little Leonardo DiCaprio and you've got yourself an automatic Oscar nominee. Movies like this are made for people who are depressed and want to live in the past. It won a shitload of awards, right? One of them was for wardrobe/costume whatever. How hard was it to do a wardrobe for a movie based 50-60 years ago?

"So (insert winner's name), how did you come up with the great costumes for the characters? How did you make them so much like the real thing."

"I asked my grandmother."

"Impressive. Here's your award."

2. Million Dollar Baby - A Clint Eastwood movie with no explosions or guns. Talk about interesting. Another Hillary Swank movie nominated for an Oscar. I didn't see this one either but I'm positive that it was a giant piece of shit. A movie about a female boxer. If that doesn't keep me out of the theater, I don't know what will. Are we trying to break some ground here? Trying to make female boxers look credible? Not going to happen. I'm an avid boxing fan and the last female boxing match I watched was Tonya Harding getting a shitkicking on that Celebrity Boxing show Fox produced. Basic synopsis of this award...

"I am Hillary Swank. For the record, I am a girl. This is the first movie about a female boxer ever nominated for an Oscar! If you'll notice that I shaved my five o'clock shadow for this..."

3. Ray - Another tribute movie to a blind guy. You KNOW this is going to get sympathy votes. I watched this movie. Painted a pretty bad picture of Ray Charles but it was great. Jamie Foxx did a great job. Still. Ray Charles had about eight kids. Not the small handful depicted in the movie. I wonder how many of them were from affairs? Who cares. The movie is winning awards because it's telling a story about somebody who just died. Not because it was amazing.

4. Finding Neverland - Haven't seen it. I'm sure it was crappy.

5. Collateral - Wicked movie. Blood, murder, guns and death. Should have swept the categories. Instead, it gets two nominations. The Academt just hates black people.

6. Sideways - It's a movie about wine tasting. If movies like this are getting nominated for awards, we should just start killing ourselves. It's a movie about WINE TASTING. Who cares about wine tasting?

I'm not writing anything else...other than this. The Oscars are a huge party for rich, white people. Rich, racist, white people. All of these awards for rich, white people. Can anybody believe that Morgan Freeman has only one a single Oscar and he did it last night? The guy is a wicked good actor. We need an awards show that gives awards out based on what I like. Why? Because I like movies that normal people like. I like movies that don't involve at least forty minutes of sappy, pissy weeping. Movies that keep people under the age of eighty interested.

If you have watched more than three of the six movies I listed, you need to stop what you are doing and find your balls.
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Current Music:Snow Patrol - Spitting Games
Subject:Coffee and cigarettes...
Time:01:17 pm
Current Mood:Awake.
I thought I'd do the quiz too. I'm in a movie phase right now, anyway. I watched Harold and Kumar last night and fucking loved it. I thought it was going to be some "Dude, Where's my Car?" ripoff but it turned out to be pretty good. There were a lot less Hollywood stoner jokes and a lot more jokes that were...funny. Plus, Ryan Reynolds showed up for a minute as a nurse and he was funny as hell.

Still. It had it's disturbing moments as well. Like the scene where "Freakshow" mentions that they can go in and make themselves at home and fuck his wife. But not to do anything the lord wouldn't. I thought that was hilarious until Freakshow showed up and turned it into a foursome. Only in a movie would that guy exist. Funny. Funny that I ruined an entire scene of that movie for people who haven't seen it yet. Don't worry. It's a movie full of useless scenes like that...but they all tie together, I guess. Check it out.

So yeah. Since I'm a big shithead and stuff, I decided to be original and do the quiz as well.

You scored as Drama/Suspense. Congratulations, you scored Drama. You don't need special effects as long as you have great direction, acting and a conflicting story. The inside look at human nature is what makes a movie for you. Check out: 21 Grams, Mystic River, Reservoir Dogs, Tape.








Sadistic Humour




Mindless Action Flick


Romantic Comedy


Movie Recommendation.
created with QuizFarm.com

Romantic Comedy, 5%. I guess math teachers are right. You can't have a negative percent. I did get a chance to watch the Wedding Planner though. I think this quiz knew that. "Vote for Pedro"? This is the beginning of a new era in my life. The haunted era.
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Current Music:Pantera - I'm Broken
Subject:Napoleon Dynamite is a piece of shit....
Time:04:17 pm
Current Mood:irritatedDisgusted with my generation..
I had the unfortunate experience of seeing this chunk of frozen monkey piss and I'm not happy about it. Who said that free movies were good? I rented Napoleon Dynamite, Anchorman, Harold and Kumar's Castle thing, Shark Tale and The Notebook last night. When your girlfriend works at a movie store and you get free movies, you just can't complain, right? Wrong.

Napoleon Dynamite may have ruined movies. Who put money into this thing? Just watching the people in this movie made me want to be sick. The only cool character in this movie was Pedro Sanchez. And he had the constant, "The slower I talk, the more I'll fit in with this cast of mouthbreathers," look on his face. What is the world coming to? Movies like this are poisoning the minds of people. Thought I was going to say children, didn't you? Sorry. The children are already poisoned. They listen to Slipknot and Mudvayne. They're already dead. The children aren't coming back to us and we should get over it. It's my generation that I'm worrying about.

My generation likes these shitty movies. Big Fish? Big fucking deal. Donnie Darko? Horrible. Napoleon Dynamite? Please kill me. What ever happened to the American Pie movies? Or the new Van Damme flick. You know. The one where he impales a dinosaur on his pinky finger, barbecues it and feeds it to the homeless, killing them instantly and solving the world's homeless problem. Why is my generation turning into a bunch of hosers?

Watching these movies makes them think they're original. They get some kind of brain hard on from watching this shit. It reminds me of that Strongbad guy. Eighteen year olds were watching these cartoons on the internet and laughing at it. Right on, chief. Keep laughing at the internet and go write a poem, you tool.

Indie movies and poetry. It's what you combine to get a douchebag.
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Current Music:HAL@BAC
Subject:Currently selling organs...
Time:05:36 pm
One right lung - $40
One left lung - $30
Ears - $100 (must buy both. not sold separately.)
Partially corroded liver - $19.42
One black heart - $203,204,458
One eyeball - $1,304

Also for sale: Two green and yellow lawnchairs, one broken pogo stick and two pairs of moonboots. Will accept cash. All major credit cards accepted. Please note: Shipping will be determined after organ removal. Or in the case of the lawn chairs, after I find and weigh them. Please! No joke bids. Buyers must be serious organ/lawnchair dealers.

Happy bidding, fools.
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Current Music:Pantera - Dimebag Darrel Solo (In Memory of Cliff Burton)
Subject:Check out this new band!
Time:08:32 pm
Theory of a Nickelfault's Simple Plan to get Trapt in Linkin Park's Used Hoobastank for Three Days Grace.

Do you know how long it took us to come up with that?
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